14 August 2005

Mike Defensor Saves the Day for Impeachment

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The buzz among pro-impeachment legislators is that the majority will move to kill the impeachment complaint in the justice committee next week. The thinking is that Malacanang cannot afford to let the proceedings reach the point where evidence will be presented or witnesses will be called to testify.
The problem for Malcananang is that an effort to kill the impeachment at this early stage could anger the public.....most of whom apparently want to see the process move forward. Majority congressmen were apparently asking for some political cover to allow them to justify killing the complaint to their constituents.
Enter Mike Defensor.
In a hastily organized press conference last Friday, Defensor sought to question the authenticity of the "Hello Garci" tapes by presenting expert testimony claiming the tapes were spliced or otherwise tampered with. Included in the expert testimony were a number of audio engineers and the written findings of US forensic audio expert Barry Dickey, an expert that even Senator Ping Lacson says is credible.
If the Defensor presscon had gone according to plan, the authenticity of the tapes would have been called into doubt, giving congressmen the ammnunition to justify voting down the impeachment upon resumption of the proceedings Tuesday.
Unfortunately for Malacanang, Defensor may have done more harm than good. Under intense grilling from a skeptical media, Defensor was forced to concede that Dickey did not review the entire tape but only two tracks that had President Arroyo talking to Garci about her votes ("Yung dagdag, yung dagday" and "So I will only lead by One M?"). Two of the audio experts on hand refused to categorically say that the tapes were fake. Lacson, who had already had the tapes analyzed by the University of Queensland in Australia, chimed in and said he would send the entire tape to Dickey for analysis and promised to personally apologize to President Arroyo if Dickey found that the tapes were tampered with.
To make matters worse, Saturday saw one of the audio experts, Jim Sarthou, claim on ANC that he was deceived into attending the presscon and was not prepared to say the tapres were fake. Also on Saturday, radio station DZXL's US correspondent Don Lino Selle spoke to Dickey himself who denied claiming that the tapes were spliced or tampered with.
Given Defensor's botched attempt to discredit the tapes, will the House majority still try to vote down the impeachment next week? I asked Majority Leader Boy Nograles today and he said he did not think they would....at least not on Tuesday or Wednesday.
So it looks as if the impeachment complaint will survive another week, thanks in large part to Mike Defensor.


At 11:00 AM, Blogger ester said...

But Defensor's President asked sorry to the public. What was she sorry of? One maybe was for talking to an election commissioner at the height of election. Was it not a sign of acceptance of guilt? I am just wondering whethet that public apology was spliced too.

Defensor would just like to cover everything he could. Only Defensor knows what Malacanang promised to him. For sure it's more than what a Secreatry of DENR could have. After all if he's quite serious about his job he should focus it more to his department.


At 5:51 AM, Blogger Ederic said...

My standard greeting to new bloggers:

"Welcome to the blogging world!"

Link po kita.


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