21 August 2005

Black and White

I spent Sunday morning at La Salle Greenhills listening to different speakers from the Black and White Movement. The movement is really an attempt to unite and inspire the various middle forces opposed to President Arroyo's continued occupation of Malcanang. Given the extensive list of participating organizations, I believe the Black and White Movement is the most serious attempt so far to rebuild the middle.
It wasn't so much the number of people who attended---the Makati rally in whch Susan Roces spoke probably had more people---but the broad groupings that were represented there.
Alongside the usual suspects--the Hyatt 10, the Makati Business Club, the clergy, the university students, etc, there were representatives from the FPJ for President Movement, Akbayan, and a smattering of people associated with various factions of the opposition.
Many of these people, while united in their stand against GMA, have actually never really sat down together because their differences kept getting in the way.
Of course there were some anti-GMA forces that were not represented (like young officers in the AFP, who for obvious reasons were not present), but the Black and White event by far has been the most successful attempt to bring together the diverse and scattered anti-GMA groups.
Some often cited reasons for the failure of anti-GMA forces to rally a greater number of the silent majority is their lack of a viable alternative plan for the country, their disunity, and the absence of a key rallying figure.
Sunday's gathering saw some of those issues being addressed.
By being more inclusive and inviting groups of different persuasions together, the Black and White movement has begun the effort to unite the various factions.
Some of the speakers began to try to forge a common consensus about what inital steps a post-GMA government should take. Gerry Bulatao painted the broad strokes of six key areas of reform that people could unite behind; starting with the most obvious, a cleanup of the Comelec. In doing so, the anti-GMA forces are taking the first steps to forging a viable alternative to sell to the still confused silent majority.
And so it seems that the middle forces are now moving towards addressing their weaknesses. One thing though that stood out is amidst all these ideas and initiatives, it seems the anti- Arroyo forces are still lacking the one critical element that could put them over the tipping point: the emergence of a leader (or leaders) who can rally the troops into battle. Someone who they can trust and believe when he or she says "Follow me. This is the plan. and We will achieve it." Someone in whom they can invest their hopes and aspirations. After years of dashed hopes and betrayed aspirations, its going to take a lot more than what they've mustered so far.


At 12:46 AM, Blogger carlosceldran said...

You said it. "lack of a viable alternative plan for the country... disunity, and the absence of a key rallying figure." And unless things prove otherwise, I'm sticking with the midget. The way I see it, unless the anti GMA forces can get the 35 years old and below demographic to tear themselves away from whatever it is that they are doing and give half a rats ass about Gloriagate, their efforts will never get the critical mass they seek. Personally, I think Cory and company are only proving just how irrelevant they have become. The poor things.

At 12:51 AM, Blogger carlosceldran said...

Oh, and one thing I like about watching you on ANC is that I can't figure out if you are pro or anti Gloria. And that is a good thing for a journalist. I hope others in your channel can learn a thing or two from you about impartiality or pretending to be as such. Some need to learn how much ones facial expressions can give one's personal biases away.

At 5:29 PM, Blogger Ricky Carandang said...

Thanks, but when you say you're "sticking with the midget" does that mean that you are willing to overlook the legal and moral implications of what she's done because there is no clear alternative?
I dont see where it says that the law shall only apply when there is a viable alternative. If we are a civilized society that that is governnmend by laws then we also must abide by them no matter what.
I don't like the alternative either but I think its a worse crime not to apply the law. Or else lets just let everyone out of jail.

At 3:25 PM, Blogger carlosceldran said...

Sigh. I guess thats what I meant. I pretty much subscribe to the principle that the end will justify the means. Im rather machiavellian like that.

Extreme I know. Thank god that many people dont think like me.

At 9:05 AM, Blogger ester said...

With the recent budget proposal submitted by malacanang where comelec was given a bigger chuck, i don't think that a cleaning was given priority. bigger budget more likely will translate into widening comelec's power. this is not necessarily improving governance.

maybe i just lost hope of this country.

At 3:44 PM, Anonymous wilsondychua said...

I saw your interview with Gibo last night. I was disappointed to most of his answers.All the while I thought our Xavier School have finally produce someone with the moral fiber of a national leader.A real reformist and non-tradtional politician.

Even during the leadership forum, he said accusations against the Arroyos and company are just heresays.COME ON! Is he that desperate to get PGMA blessing? When President Chen was still the leader of Taiwan,corruption charges against him and family were also defended by his office as heresays or for political reasons.When he lost the last election, the present leadership pursued these charges and Ex-President Chen, his wife, children were sentenced to life in prison.Strong political will such as this is what we need badly for our country, specially for our future leaders.Coincidentally,the main defense of ex-president Chen about his unexplained wealth is election related funds. Ginaya ni Mikey.

Definitely,when PGMA steps down in 2010, there will be tsunami of charges against her,FG, and their children.If ever he is elected president,with such a big political debt to pay, I really doubt if Gibo can or will pursue these cases, even if he knows they are guilty.Thats the sad political reality of the counrty. VICIOUS CYCLE.


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